Horse Lessons

Welcoming Our First Two Boarders
August 29, 2016
Simple Fall Pleasures
October 3, 2016


I walk the farm this morning and reflect on how my time here has already made me grow. It has challenged me and taught me. Here are three things I have already learned on the farm:

1. Be a good friend. One of our new horses is named Amigo. He came in for training with two of his buddies, Queen and Pepper. Amigo is a Rocky Mountain Paint with blue eyes and has a face that reminds me of an old man. He is also the littlest horse on the farm, but I see him as a protector. Amigo likes to keep his two pals in eye sight. He doesn’t need to be in the same pasture, but he sure likes to see them. I think it is precious how he is constantly aware. He stands at the corner and oversees the farm like a guardian. One of the most important parts of friendship is being present and aware. I vow to do so.

2. Greet each day. Waking up on a farm is magical. The horses shake their heads at the dawn and the dogs come running wet with dew. The sun moves quickly and I don’t want to miss a thing here. Rise and shine and the smell of coffee...each day is a blessing. I knew this, but I find I need to learn it again and again.

3. Keep at it. One of our boarders was in the round pen the other day doing ground work. At the end of her session, she stepped out of the ring and said,”I’m going to have to work on that.” I loved hearing this phrase and it is one of the things I love about horse people. Life on a farm is about moving forward. Life is about moving forward. Perfection in a moment isn’t the goal. Moving forward is.