March Weather Madness

New Trails in February
February 20, 2017
From Storms to Sunshine
March 30, 2017

The red bud of the magnolias bloomed first. One day it was seventy with sun and the next morning the fuscia blooms greeted me. A few days later the Bradford pear trees lined up in a row with whiteness. The white flowers spotted our drive and softened the view of gray branches. Green has subtly crept into the trees and is working to color the pastures with a brightness again.

And then this morning it snowed! Oh, Tennessee, how you surprise us! March may be about season confusion, but our farm is heading toward spring!

We have new horses in for training and energy abounds in the pastures. Our trail rides have become weekend rituals of exploration. We have been over to Short Mountain and tested those trails, too. Come join us! As the temperatures increase this week, think about trying a new path this spring.