Welcoming Our First Two Boarders

A Rubik’s Cube for a Dream Come True
August 15, 2016
Horse Lessons
September 16, 2016

We are happy to be welcoming our first two boarders at the farm.

Hula is a spotted mare and she has certainly caught the attention of the geldings on the farm. Our Carlos can't stand to be separated from her.


Buddy is a quarter horse we are glad to welcome. He is getting settled and seems to be relaxing in his new home.


Tater is a Quarter Horse-Arabian cross that came in with his buddy, Max, for training. The training is going well, but I have a feeling these horses are not going to want to leave, as they have found comfort in the shade of the front pasture.

So blessed and thankful to see the business grow. I caught one daughter skipping today...for no reason at all. My other daughter asked to use the family camera and snapped photos all afternoon. Yes, I'd say we all have fallen under the spell of the country charm.

We are looking forward to another great week with the arrival of Queen, Amigo, and Pepper. Come check us out!