From Storms to Sunshine

March Weather Madness
March 17, 2017

High winds and heavy rains mark the arrival of spring. Storms have blown through our farm and torn down trees and lifted our roof. But the sun shines bright in the morning and we are thankful. The trees can be used for firewood and the roofs are being repaired. It makes the farm feel alive - a hive of workers preparing for summer sun.

We have a filly on the farm and it is fun to watch her skip. Everything is new to her - the grass tickling her legs as it grows higher and the birds chirping. She greets the dogs in the morning and they don’t quite know how to take each other. On the upper pasture our cat, Dinky, has become great friends with Buddy. They watch sunsets together and enjoy quiet time. Everything feels like a beginning. Ah...Spring on the farm...

My daughter, Katie, will soon receive a yearling named Harry. She will be a part of the Rally for the Rescues trainer’s competition. She will have three months to work with the yearling. I asked her what she wants to be able to do with the horse, and she said, “Basically, I want it to be able to lay down for me.” Watching the spring in the step of the filly we have on the farm now tells me that she is in for a ride. The energy and bounce of a yearling will be difficult to tame, but she is eager for the challenge.