Simple Fall Pleasures

Horse Lessons
September 16, 2016
Fall Festival
October 11, 2016

Falling. Not the fall, as in hitting the ground or tripping, but the fall as in pumpkins and hayrides. I’m making Simple fall pleasures. it a verb. Like friending and adulting. Yes, falling is something I am good at. I bet you are too. It requires a certain ability to walk around and kick up leaves or sit still and sip on cider. Cool breezes and cooler morning, sweatshirts and jeans, piles and piles of leaves that I rake and never pick up. Folding flannels and planning costumes. I can do fall.

Falling on a farm is going to be new for me. I am ready. It will mean shorter days, but more colorful ones. We can celebrate the early evenings with a warm campfire and friends. The horses may need me to walk them in at night. I love the sound of leaves at their feet and sharing an apple with them when my girls get home from school. It will be important for my husband and I to talk about the weather. Conversations compliment the beauty of God’s creations. We breathe more deeply. We reflect on change. Falling.